How Best To Merge Two Cat Households

I have an 8 year old indoor only cat (that is fixed) and due to a merging household may be inheriting a new, younger cat. What is your advice on introducing the two together and hopefully getting them to interact peacefully. My cat has been know to hiss and howl at cats through a window, so i'm worried that they just not be compatible. But, when I got her at the humane society she was in a large viewing area with other cats. Not sure what to do.

Cats are very territorial and like to have their own ‘patch’. Male cats generally want more territory than females and neutered cats want the least. Acquiring a younger cat will certainly be seen as less of a threat than an adult, although it is very difficult to forecast exactly what will happen. In most cases there are relatively few problems.

There will be an initial period of hissing and spitting from both cats at first. The older cat will retire to glare at the younger one from a distance. It is essential that both cats have the opportunity to feed quietly and on their own. Allow them to meet periodically throughout the first few days (but always remain present) and you may find they begin to accept each others’ company. This is provided the younger cat can resist chasing and playing with the older cat – which may irritate him.

2 thoughts on “How Best To Merge Two Cat Households

  • May 14, 2010 at 12:00

    I’m having the same problem, but no matter how much hissing and howling my 4year old tabby (fixed girl) does, the 6month old tabby (fixed boy) still wants to play with her.
    I take her over for visits once a week but there is still no progress between them. Any ideas?

  • Oct 18, 2015 at 12:00

    I’d actually love some feedback on that too. I’ve had my female Korra for about two months now, she’s a year and a half and very energetic and playful, and very touchy about it. not necessarily hurtful, but she loves to play fight, and just sprints back and forth in a frenzy.
    This is too much for our newer cat Iroh, who’s about 2, male, and the most gentle, quiet, docile creature that really doesn’t care to engage with Korra.
    For the most part they can tolerate each other’s company, but especially regarding food, Korra has no restraint and will eat whatever wherever as long as it’s edible. Obviously he doesn’t like that.


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