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Breeder Agreement

At PetPeoplesPlace, we value the responsible and ethical breeding of purebred breeds of pets. Only breeders that agree to abide to this Breeder Agreement are allowed to post classified ads.

All registered breeders and hobbyists must adhere to the following rules:

  • The breeder breeds with care and attention for the preservation and improvement of chosen breeds.
  • The breeder tests their breeding program in an objective environment such as showing, trails or appropriate
  • The breeder researches health, temperament and conformation for each litter
  • The breeder provides breed information as well as information on specific animals to prospective buyers. All animals are examined by a veterinarian before placement.
  • The breeder provides information of all appropriate health and genetic clearances to prospective buyers.
  • The breeder registers their litters with an appropriate all breed or breed-specific registry which has similar high standards to the most popular breed registries. Each animal sold is accompanied by documentation of this.
  • The breeder carries out screening of every prospective buyer to ensure that the home potentially provided is appropriate for the animal. Sales of animals are never carried out by third parties.
  • The breeder operates in accordance with all federal, state, and local pet and/or wildlife regulations, laws, rules, ordinances, statutes, and codes, and possess the required permits or licences (if applicable).

If you have reason to suspect that any of our listed breeders do not abide by this code please Contact Us.