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Aug 14th, 2016 17:12
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i have female chow she is about 2 years old,in december 2015 i've bought 2 months old male chow(he is about 9 months old now),also i have miniature puddle,but my concern is now mainly about my male and female chows,beacuse yesterday they were fighing over the bone,and even being only 9 months he is quite bigger of her,he bite her and made cut on her face,similar situation repeted today and he almost bite off her ear,she was bleading a lot,i also noticed that he is trying to hoop her as well as little puddle,i do not know if this agresivness is coming beacuse he is getting sexually ready or is it a sign of dominance but i am concerned about them ,so please give me your advice and tell me what to do in this situation,god bless you and thank you in advance!
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