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    Last Friday I had to put my sweet Genny Any Dot down. She was 17 and a half years old and my greatest little friend. My heart is so broken and I feel so guilty and empty….I know it will pass but the pain now is so hard to bear. She was the best dog, funny, loving, sweet and quirky. I rescued her from horrible abuse and I pray she felt safe and loved… I nearly lost her 4 years ago but with the love and help from my amazing vet team she had a good last 4 years. I knew her time was coming but it still was such a shock to come home and realize it was her time. Does the guilt go away? Does that feeling of her life slipping out of her body and I held her stop being so much in my thoughts??? I love you and miss you Genny you were the best.

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    I know this post is about a month late, but I hardly ever sign in. I hope you’ve found some comfort by now.
    I know just what you mean when you talk about feeling guilt over the loss of a pet. When I lost my cat Lydia to an illness, I felt responsible because I fed stray cats in the yard, and I was not current on her vaccinations. Although I was told her illness wasn’t one that could’ve been prevented by vaccinations, I still felt guilt. The pain eventually subsided, but depending on my mood or where I’m at in my life, sometimes the day when I had to have her put to sleep comes rushing back just as vividly as if it just happened. She was a rescue as well, and I know there’s a special bond when you rescue an animal from a bad situation. You feel it’s your duty to keep them safe and warm, forever!
    I feel no doubt that your doggie felt safe, loved, and warm with you. You sound like you were an amazing pet owner, and I hope you rescue another animal in need to give him the same love as you gave the other. How are you doing now? I would love to know. Take care.



    Thank you so much for your response and kind words…I am sorry for your loss as well. It has gotten a little easier, nights and coming home from work are the hardest. I am going to try this weekend to finally wash and pack up her bedding. One day I hope to rescue another sweet dog. I hope you no don’t blame yourself for your beloved cat your love is evident. Bless you and again thank you so much for the reply…



    It is obvious you are hurting and you have my sympathies. I know people respond to these situations differently, some even keep the ashes in a beautiful keepsake of one kind or another. All in all, we’re only human and part of that is feeling the goodness and at times the sadness.
    What it shows is you are a person with a heart. Just a friendly reminder, this world needs people with heart so the anger and hatred doesn’t rule the world.
    kind regards

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