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    Brought home my baby beardie two days ago. He was in bad conditions at the pet store, including sand, only 5 crickets a day, no heat lamp and constant temperature of only 70 degrees!!, and a 5.0 coil UVB bulb. He is very happy and healthy, pooping, eating well, being responsive and active in his tank, basking every day, etc… He has all the right conditions now, I’ve made sure of that :). But one of his eyes has been closed since before I brought him home, and he never opens it. There’s no discharge or anything besides some (maybe?) slight swelling. He seems to be able to see out of it a little bit, and when he blinks, that eye does too. It doesn’t seem to cause him pain or discomfort at all. Again, other than that, he is totally fine. Any help is appreciated!! All I’ve done so far is rinse his eye with warm salt water on a moist q-tip (which I was told to do by a few fellow beardie owners), of course give him better conditions, give him a warm bath, and take him outside for a bit because I heard it sometimes helps. 🙂

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