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    Beijing December 20 3:00: 30,2014-2015 season 17 Bundesliga kicks off, the leader Bayern Munich away against Mainz, the first FIFA 16 game, Soto took the lead to break the deadlock, then Schweinfurt Steig by positioning the ball to tie the FIFA 16 game, scoring the second half Robben 90 minutes to complete lore, the final opponents Bayern 2-1 to keep unbeaten half. Before 16 Harding Park, Bayern got 42 points, ahead of second place 11 points behind Wolfsburg, performance is very strong. The last battle before the winter break, they naturally want to get the perfect ending on the road, firmly take third. Compared to win, Bayern, I am afraid more worried about injury problems, the last round FIFA 16 game against Freiburg, Alonso, Burnett Tia and Levante all injury leave, Bayern will not want a repeat of this situation. Currently, Mainz array with three Asian FIFA 16 FIFA 16 players, namely Japan’s Shinji Okazaki, South Korea’s Park Joo-ho and Koo Ja-Cheol, their performance is worthy of attention. In the past, Bayern and Mainz 16 in the Bundesliga encounters, with 11 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses record ahead, and had been of Mainz made four straight Bundesliga. This season, Mainz at home in general, seven home only two wins, four draws and one loss results, while Bayern 7th away 4 wins and 3 draws, Bundesliga record first. The FIFA 16 game, Bayern’s starting lineup, as a single defensive midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, teenager Hoy Bigger starter, while Mainz Asian Samsung coefficient starting debut. After the start of the FIFA 16 game the first half, the left side of the first two minutes, Franck Ribery pass collusion cell policy restricted area hit the door, the ball just wide of the goal. The first four minutes, Mainz header scored a goal, but the linesman raise his flag to indicate offside. The first five minutes, Schweinsteiger pass, Franck Ribery right footed shot from the left side of area, was the other goalkeeper cross body saved. The first 12 minutes, Muller ban the left foot hit the door, was defensive FIFA 16 player of the block bottom line. The first 19 minutes, Dante kick straight ball to Robben, Robben scored the ball, but the linesman raise his flag to indicate offside latter. The first 21 minutes, Soto collusion Shinji Okazaki passing, left the restricted area small-angle left foot shot, the ball into, Mainz 1-0 lead. The first 24 minutes, Bayern get closed front location excellent free kick opportunity, Schweinsteiger surgeon kick, his right foot curve ball a record penalty, the ball over the wall, went straight to the top left corner, card Liu Sifei body fighting to no avail. Bayern 1-1 to tie the FIFA 16 game, this is the pig race season’s first ball. The first 38 minutes, Robben [url=http://www.fifaga.com/]fut coins[/url] corner, the ball was defensive FIFA 16 player of the top edge, a minute later, the ball restricted the right of collusion Mali Broken Brzezinski pick kick, the ball was Neuer confiscated, first half end of the FIFA 16 game, Bayern temporarily and Mainz 1-1 tie. The second half both sides Easy side battles, the first 49 minutes, Marley large restricted the right foot shot, saved by Neuer flying. The first 52 minutes, Franck Ribery kick hit the door was saved card Achilles. The first 55 minutes, Muller fell in the penalty area, but referee sentenced him diving. The first 59 minutes, Robben pass a through ball to Ribery, but the latter has been flagged for offside display. The first 60 minutes, Koo Ja-Cheol because of foul, yellow card by the referee. The first 61 minutes, Franck Ribery right footed shot from outside the area was blocked defender. The first 68 minutes, Boateng restricted area left foot shot was goalkeeper confiscated card Achilles. The first 69 minutes, Robben pass, Schweinsteiger headed center of the box is blocked defender. The first 70 minutes, Bayern before the FIFA 16 games kick opportunities, Robben opened the ball to the goal after the point, the first 77 minutes, Pizarro Substitution of cell policy. After 1 minute, Mainz also substitutions, Dias replaced Koo Ja-Cheol. The first 79 minutes, Diaz’s shot was blocked Neuer. The first 81 minutes, Mainz again replaced, replaced Brad Pfau Luke Francis. The first 84 minutes, Franck Ribery pass, Robben penalty area the ball inside the penalty area in the sudden hope defender blocked. The first 86 minutes, Mainz ,, Presley the final Substitution Vuk Popovich replaced Marley. The first 90 minutes, Bernat pass, Mill Road outflank the ball Yiceng disturbed, after the point of Robben easily Tuishe, complete lore Bayern 2-1 ahead score. Neuer excited played and ran to embrace the bench. Bayern finally beat his opponent 2-1, to keep unbeaten half. Mainz Lineups: 21- card Achilles / 18- Burro Brzezinski, 24 Park Joo-ho, a 2-Sahara, Wal Schneider / 15- (8130- Pfau Lu) 19-Soto, 13-Koo Ja-Cheol (7820- Diaz), 6 Gus, 11 Mali / 23- Shinji Okazaki Bayern starting lineup: 1 – Neuer / 13- Rafi Virginia, 4-Dante, 17-Boateng, 18 Bernat / 34- Do erg Hoy, 10-Arjen Robben, Bastian Schweinsteiger 31-, 7 Ribry (90 ’30 – Wei Zeer) 19-cell policy (7714- Pizarro) / 25- Muller (flying pig) or less for both the FIFA 16 game data comparison:

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