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    After 1 minute, Mainz also substitutions, Dias replaced Koo Ja-Cheol. The first 79 minutes, Diaz’s shot was blocked Neuer. The first 81 minutes, Mainz again replaced, replaced Brad Pfau Luke Francis. The first 84 minutes, Franck Ribery pass, Robben penalty area the ball inside the penalty area in the sudden hope defender blocked. The first 86 minutes, Mainz ,, Presley the final Substitution Vuk Popovich replaced Marley. The first 90 minutes, Bernat pass, Mill Road outflank the ball Yiceng disturbed, after the point of Robben easily Tuishe, complete lore Bayern 2-1 ahead score. Neuer excited played and ran to embrace the bench. Bayern finally beat his opponent 2-1, to keep unbeaten half. Mainz Lineups: 21- card Achilles / 18- Burro Brzezinski, 24 Park Joo-ho, a 2-Sahara, Wal Schneider / 15- (8130- Pfau Lu) 19-Soto, 13-Koo Ja-Cheol (7820- Diaz), 6 Gus, 11 Mali / 23- Shinji Okazaki Bayern starting lineup: 1 – Neuer / 13- Rafi Virginia, 4-Dante, 17-Boateng, 18 Bernat / 34- Do erg Hoy, 10-Arjen Robben, Bastian Schweinsteiger 31-, 7 Ribry (90 ’30 – Wei Zeer) 19-cell policy (7714- Pizarro) / 25- Muller (flying pig) or less for both the FIFA 16 game data comparison: http://www.fifaga.com/

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