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    I adopted a short hair 20 lb pug mix from Forever Friends three months ago. I am smitten, she is the best little animal and such a good girl. What I am not in love with is the amount of dog hair we’re dealing with. She is very good natured about being brushed (1-2 times a day), and even lets me use one of those pet hair vacuum attachments on her (I do it at the end after the brushing).
    Unbelievably, after all that, if I take a sticky roller to her fur there is still a fair amount of hair that comes off on it (enough to cover the 1st roll and another sticky sheet). I bought one of those rubber nubby massage gloves thinking it would grab the surface hair, but it doesn’t (my experience is the little hair that does come off gets stuck in the mesh parts of the glove and that’s a pain to get out). The sticky roller refills are expensive, and I usually go through 2 sheets or more each time I use it, because it never tears off right.
    Does anyone have any techniques they’d recommend to get at stray hairs (again, all on the top coat/surface of her fur) that I am seeing on the sticky paper? Does anyone have a vacuum tool/accessory that gets at the hair mine isn’t getting? I thought that I’d be able to get the stray hair that surfaces during brushing with the vacuum attachment I am using, but the hair on the sticky pad shows it’s not working.
    Thank you for any guidance!

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