AQM Cleaner Package 100-150 Gallon Tanks, Scarlet ,Emeralds ,crabs ,snails , For Sale - New and Used

AQM Cleaner Package 100-150 Gallon Tanks, Scarlet ,Emeralds ,crabs ,snails ,

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AQM Cleaner Package 100-150 Gallon Tanks, Scarlet ,Emeralds ,crabs ,snails ,:


Cleaner package Stage 5 ( 100-150 gallon ) items Quantity :
100 astrea snails
5 emerald crab
80 blue leg hermits
Approx Size: 1-2
Coloration: multicolor
Care Level: begginer
Preferred Flow:Medium
Preferred Location: Low to high
Growth Rate:Slow to Moderate
Preferred Diet: Algae , scavengers .
Restrictions: Do not purposely feed inverts as it will slow there job at cleaning your aquarium , they will find there own food !Crabs & snails do well under 73-78 Fh, PH 8.0-8.3, Salinity 1.022-1.025, Calcium 400-450 ppm, Alkalinity 6-8 We specialize in Live Saltwater Corals: LPS, SPS, Soft Corals, Hard Corals, Leathers, Gorgonians, Sponges, Acans, Zoas, Euphyllia's, Chalice's, Yuma's, Lobo's, inverts and much more! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!Please be sure you have fully read and understand all payment, delivery and DOA policies before purchasing. Visit our store pages which provide a full description of all policies. Below is an excerpt from each:We send our shipments out at the end of the day Monday-Thursday. We send them at the end of the day so that the package has shortest time in transit. In the rare event that your coral may be dead on arrival (D.O.A.), you must contact us within 12 hours of receiving the coral, along with detailed pictures of the coral and packaging. NO EXCUSES / NO EXCEPTIONS. . . Posted with Mobil

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