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22" TALL LARGE BEAUTIFUL AMAZING ROOT PIECEORGANIC CHOLLA WOODI love this pieceHas several arms and a very nice colorPLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICTURESTHE CENTER PIECE MEASURES 3" IN DIAMETERPLEASE LOOK AT PICTURES FOR SIZEThere are very few of these root pieces . Especially this largeSometimes there is rocks between the root , I do remove these and the skin of the root that flakes off.There are no pesticides in the area or even close to meThis is the bottom of the cholla cactus . Top half of this is above ground , bottom half is underground it is the root.This would be great piece for fish to swim through , crabs to play or climb through .
My customers say The cholla wood pieces I sale are better then they expected . Pictures just do not do them justice.Take a look at my response.I'm not sure if the pictures just don't show the size properly . But everyone loves it even more after they receive it.This is not the small thick cholla which is staghorn cholla, this is the large cholla which is teddy bear cholla. But I do have bothI scrub these with a brush spray them with air compressor , spray with clear water . I scrap what's loss in the inside outI also boil these to treat themI do a very through job cleaning these my husband says to through :)There are no pesticides even near the areaI sell these for all sorts of different things even though they are cleaned boiled and washed , sometimes they do still leach brown into water. Before sticking these in a fish tank they still need to be soaked to make sure the brown leach will not come out .So just put them in a bucket of water and let them sit to check before adding to a fish tank to make sure. Everyone says different things ,some say they go right in ,some say soak over night and some say they soak them for several days.I get these from the desert near me or on my property. They are cactus' that have died no cactus' are harmed .I am always listing different sizes and shapes as I get them cleaned treated .Some large log type pieces
These are used for fish aquariums, reptiles , birds, rabbits and other small animal that like to chew on them. Fish and hermit crabs like to hide in them .In order for these to sink in water they have to be completely saturated.They are also used for crafts , lawn art and decorations in your home , air plants , orchids.
These are very pretty with AIR PLANTS in them and they are light weight so you can hang them easily . Some are a little heavier then others so email if your wanting to know the weight. An easy way to tell is the thickness at the ends . I LIST THSES IN ALOT OF DIFFERENT CATEGORIES I ALSO HAVE LOTS OF SIZES AND SHAPES CHECK OUT MY STORE OR JUST GO TO SELLERS OTHER sales
I do custom orders also if your looking for something specialThanks for looking
Shipping and handling is 22.99 in the US if international please contact me for shipping quote
I will combine shipping with other items when possible , contact me if you want to combine .If there is ever any problem please contact me and we will work it out , I do my best to make everyone happy so let me know if anything is needed#40
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