29.5 inch Showa Isa Imported Japanese Koi Fish Live A0016 For Sale - New and Used

29.5 inch Showa Isa Imported Japanese Koi Fish Live  A0016

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29.5 inch Showa Isa Imported Japanese Koi Fish Live A0016:

Grand KoiShowaBreeder: IsaSize:29.5 to Grand Koi,the place for the highest quality Japanese koi from the finest breeders in Japan.We are one of the largest Japanese koi inventory holders in the United States. To support hobbyists in USA, we have collaborated with leading manufacturers of automated feeders, ceramic media and other koi accessories, “MADE IN JAPAN”. With the support of Japanese breeders and response from hobbyists, we have established a robust protocol in the selection of koi, quarantine, and continued support to koi keepers.
ShippingWe pack your Koi fish in a double corrugated box with a box liner, two 4mm poly bags, pure oxygen, and use multiple Japanese rubber bands.Depending on the temperature we will use ice packs to keep the Koi fish cool. The boxes are heavily labeled with with live fish, arrows up and company stickers.

Koi fish are shipped Monday - Thursday. If order is places after 1:00 PM est on Thursday then the shipment will have to wait till the following Monday to be sent out in the mail. "Safety First".

Due to the winter weather we are able to ship Koi as long as the temperature permits.Sending and receiving temperatures must above 50F nightly. If you purchase a Koi and the temperature is below 50F nightly we will hold the Koi until weather permits.

All koi will be held 3 to 5 days after sold to empty their stomachs for a safer transport.

We offer two ways of shipping

Delta Airlines - Faster, Safer but has to be picked up at airport. This is the best method of recieving your Koi fish fastest and with the least possibility of death or damage.

UPS Next Day Air - Still fast and delivered to your doorstep. This is slower than airport pickup butwill have a higher possibiliy of damage or death of your Koi fish. Please read our page about Guarantee withUPS shipping.

GuaranteeGuarantee of life:

We offer a guarantee for loss of life of Koi fish during shipment. If your Koi fish arrives deceased or excessive damaged from the shipment process we require a photo immediately.

While we do everything we can to minimize the stress and damage of travel of our koi, we understand that accidents do happen.

UPS Deceased Koi:

If the Koi fish was shipped UPS and arrives deceasedthe customer must submit a claim with UPSimmediately, the tail must be removed before picture is taken to insure proof of death.

UPS excessive Damaged Koi:

If the Koi fish was shipped andarrives with excessive damaged "this does not include stress from shipping" the customer must submit a claim with of injuries and shipping packagemust be sent immediately to us so we can determine best course of action for treatment.

Replacement or Store Credit:

In the case your Koi fish arrives deceased upon opening of packageGrand Koi will replace the deceased Koi fish for another Koi fish of equal or lesser value of your choosing. If a replacement Koi fish cannot be chosen then store creditfor the deceased Koi fishwill be issued.However, if your koi were to perish within 24 hours of arrival, you may be eligible for a 50% store credit. To qualify, you must provide us with a water sample from the pond or quarantine system that your koi was held in and a photo of the dead koi with its tail cut off.

If Koi is shipped via UPS andyou fail to file a claim with UPS for damaged or death within 5 hours of delivery you forfeit thepossibilityof refund by Grand Koi.

If you fail to confirm the arrival of your Koi within 3 hours of delivery, all liabilities or damages will be forfeited.

Your best shipping option for live arrival with the least possibility of damage is Airport pick up. Koi under this option are typically handled with the best of care and are in transit the least amount of time.

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