Baby full blooded Gotti pit bullies For Sale - New and Used

Baby full blooded Gotti pit bullies

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Baby full blooded Gotti pit bullies:

2000boy 2500girl 3000girl 3500girl 4000girl !!!

Pops he's two an 5 months moms is one an 6 months their still puppies too going to get way bigger and more loving. All from Oklahoma picked up from the Farm bout , bout to be 8weeks old. Yea their HEADS are going to be HUGE, they get at LEAST 21 inches, their going to Weigh about 100 Pounds. Just need Attention, Love and affection! Really sweet Puppies and even more so as an Adult. Shots and Dewormed ALREADY!! These are SHOW Dogs So SHOW them off with the best LOVE and CARE!!!

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