Guide: Choosing a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Daphne Reid
by Daphne Reid
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Before I worked in a boarding kennel, I thought they were the most awful places to leave your dog. However, having now worked at one for quite some time, I know this not to be true. As long as all the staff love dogs, and they are not too pushed for time during the day, some breeds can really enjoy kennels.

Being Vigilant

I would suggest that it is worth paying a little more money for a good kennel for your dog. Always pay a visit to the kennel before booking and have a list of questions. When you are given the answers, think about whether what they are saying is feasible. If the kennel has 100 dogs and they claim to walk every dog three times a day, ask yourself how many staff you see, and if this can be possible. Unfortunately, a lot of kennels mislead dog owners, so it is imperative that you are vigilant.

What to Look For

When you are shown around where the dogs live, the guests should come to the front of the kennel, probably jumping up, to see you, and should be happy to see you. Dogs that lie at the back and do not want to speak to you are a bad sign. Also, watch out for bowls of old food and water - these should be refreshed daily in good kennels. If you want your dog to eat a specific diet, also look out to see if all the dogs are on a uniform food when you go to see them. If the kennel owner does not let you see inside the building where your dog will be housed, do not take your dog there.

Doing Some Investigating

These are just some pointers. I work at a very good kennel where we look after our guests to the best of our ability, but we have many customers who claim other kennels in the area do more things with the dogs. Having visited these kennels under false pretences, I think that what they claim is impossible. It might be a good idea to ask other kennels in one area about the other establishments. You can usually tell if they are being genuine or avoid the issue, and often you get workers who have worked at several and they may tell you how much better it is where they are now.

What Really Goes On

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