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Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
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Coat Type, Color & Grooming: The Bengal's most defining characteristic is its spotted or marbled coat with thick, pelt-like fur. In spotted Bengals, the spots appear randomly or in horizontal patterns and stand out in extreme contrast to the background color, which may be a bright shade of tan, gold, or mahogany. Marbled cats have horizontal stripes arranged randomly, like waves of color running through a piece of lighter-colored marble.

Physical Attributes: The Bengal is a medium to large cat with a head that is longer than it is wide. It is bred to retain its wild appearance: sleek, long, and muscular, with the hindquarters slightly higher than the shoulders. The black-tipped tail is carried low. The Bengal has short, rounded ears; oval, wide-set eyes; prominent whisker pads; and rounder nostrils than other domestic cats.

Personality: Bengals are intelligent, friendly, assertive, and active cats. Some like to retrieve objects, and many have a fondness for climbing and playing in water. They also enjoy cat-and-mouse games and will find their own toys if none are provided. Their voices are sometimes rather wild-sounding.

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Princeton, NJ
Non Member
Added on Jan 1st, 2008
Both of my to babies, a male (Key) and Female (Tia), have loose stools I have had them going on 3 months. They are litter mates from Florida. I rescued them from a pet store where they lived for 6 to 7 months. Tia had ear mites, got an infected incision when she was spayed which had to be drained. Then broke out with ring worm. I am taking her to a holistic vet. Ring worn gone! They still have loose stools. I have started them on a raw meat diet. Any Ideas?
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