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Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat
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Coat Type, Color & Grooming: The coat is well designed to withstand the harshest of winters, but by spring it sheds its dense, woolly undercoat, leaving only the magnificently plumed tail and the tufts of its ears and feet to remind you that this is indeed a longhaired cat. They come in all coat colors and patterns except the Siamese point patterns. Apart from periods of heavy shedding (less pronounced with indoor cats), the Norwegian Forest Cat does not generally require daily grooming; combing once or twice a week is recommended.

Physical Attributes: The Norwegian Forest Cat is large, sturdy, and boxy, with back legs that are slightly longer than the front legs and paws tufted with fur between the toes. The head is triangular, with widely spaced ears and large, almond-shaped eyes that range in color from green to hazel to gold. White cats may have blue eyes or odd eyes.

Personality: Norwegian Forest Cats are gentle, friendly cats that enjoy climbing and, according to one source, fishing. They thrive in a busy household with lots of children, other animals, and plenty of action.

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Added on Dec 7th, 2008
I have had my beautiful wegie for almost 3 years now, and I just continue to love her more each day. She is a beautiful cat with a wonderful, if not annoying, personallity. She's mostly a one woman cat, but she does love little kids, especially my great cousin Ashelyn. The only adults she seems to love are my boyfriend, my uncle, Jim, and my mom. She could very easily become an outdoor cat if it weren't for the fact that she's not a very good hunter, even though she tries hard. She is definetly from a very active, loving, and beautiful breed. I wish a could have more Norwegian Forest cats, but I haven't been able to fine anymore, though I'm pretty sure Grace would get jealous if I did.
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