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Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog
Beagle Dog Fact File

AKC Group: Hound
Class: Hound
Country of Origin: UK
First Registered: 1885
Height: 13 - 16 inches
Weight: 18 - 30 lbs.

Colors: White, black, tan, red, lemon and blue mottle

Coat Type: Short, dense and weatherproof.

Health Concerns: Congenital heart disease, spinal problems, epilepsy and skin conditions. They also have a tendency to become obese.

Temperament: Gentle, lovable

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Platinum Member
Added on Aug 28th, 2012
I'm not sure if the breed description is correct. In my years of rescuing and researching beagles I have always read the sizes are 13" and 15", not 16". I also learn if the beagle is shorter than 13" it's still considered a 13" beagle.
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