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Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog Fact File

AKC Group: Working
Class: Working
Country of Origin: Germany
First Registered: 1904
Height: 21 - 25 inches
Weight: 66 - 70 lbs.

Colors: Fawn, brindle with white markings

Coat Type: Short, glossy and smooth

Health Concerns: Usually healthy. May have problems with heart murmurs, skin tumors, digestive problems and hypothyroidism

Temperament: Playful, affectionate, friendly, headstrong, high-energy.

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Junior Member
Added on June 13th, 2011
I have two boxers right now. There is Dakota (we call her Kody) who is 10 and Gabby who is almost 3. These two are proof that no boxer is the same. Kody is very high maitnence she whines when she does not get what she wants. She does not lay on the floor always has to be on the couch and loves to lay against you. She will literally push you out of the bed. She also hates to get her feet wet and hates the rain. Gabby is the complete opposite. She is a real dog. She loves to run, dig, fetch the whole thing. She is so aware of everything. Her ultimate favorite activity is watching the birds and bugs out the is the funniest thing. (LINEBREAK)The only problems that we have had with our boxers are their ears and Kody's feet. Kody has cropped ears and Gabby has her born floppy ears. Kody's ears have been sensitve since the day we brought her home. She constantly digs at them and they seem to always itch. She also has a cyst that comes and goes. Gabby's ears are not as sensitive but you do catch her digging at them. For Kody's feet I do not know if its just her being her but she chews at her feet like they are itching as well. We have been to the vet for allergy testing but they could not find anything.(LINEBREAK)In all, our boxers are apart of the family. Not a day goes by where we dont learn something new about them. But beware: They LOVE to hog the bed :)
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