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Every week we'll be bringing you news from the world of rabbits and related subjects, bringing you a more in-depth look at high-interest and topical events.

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UK Charity Launches Rabbit Survey
Published: Nov 10th, 2010
In a bid to discover why so many rabbits end up in animal shelters, the RSPCA is launching...
Petco Ends Rabbit Sales
Published: Dec 11th, 2008
From January 1st 2009 the national retailer Petco will cease selling rabbits and instead...
Deadly Disease Hits UK Rabbits
Published: Oct 2nd, 2008
The UK's rabbit owners are being urged to be on their guard after a 300% increase in...
German Police Hunt Rabbit Killer
Published: July 9th, 2008
The killing of more than 40 pet rabbits in several German communities has baffled officials...
House Rabbit Society Celebrates 20 Years
Published: June 15th, 2008
Founded in 1988 the House Rabbit Society (HRS) is the largest rabbit rescue and advocacy...
Rabbits Are UK's Most Neglected Pets
Published: Dec 14th, 2006
A recent survey by the RSPCA found that rabbits are the most abused pets in the UK, with...